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Helping coin & CURRENCY collectors

Over 60 years of coin collecting, coin values and grading experience.

Everything from Lincoln Wheat Pennies to Silver Dollars, Rare Coins, Proof and Mint Sets, Type EX Coins, 3 cent pieces, 20 cents pieces, Bust, Seated pieces and Commemorative's.  

I first started when I was 12 years old. My dad and I would go to the local bank and we would buy a bag of wheat cents.

I would spend hours going through them and try to find those missing pieces for my books the following week we made a trip back to that bank and returned the balance and started all over again – it was a great experience.

I have an extensive collection of currency from Civil War Fractional Notes to Silver and Gold Certificates to National Notes to even Star Notes.

Star notes have prior serial number the government had to reissue for that same bill. Star notes were printed by The Bureau of Engraving to have on hand to replace money if it was misprinted. So instead of having to reprint the misprinted currency the Bureau of Engraving just placed the star notes into circulation.

Keep in mind that Star notes were printed with serial numbers starting at 00000001, so the Star note serial number is not the same as the serial number that was destroyed.

The first year for Small Bill star note was 1928. Large Size Stars Notes know as Horse Blankets were first printed in 1910. You can also find star notes on large size notes as early as 1880, which are rare.

All large size star replacement notes have a star symbol with a hole in the center of the star. There are some large size notes, specifically from 1869, 1890, and 1891, that have a solid star as part of the serial number design.

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